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Rose Rock Dynamics helps organizations transform their people to drive business impact. It’s like having a personal stylist for all of your organizational learning needs.

Services we offer

Digital Transformation

We help you see around the corner and design for the next big thing. We work with you to determine which learning technologies make most sense to pursue and help you navigate change.

Learning Strategy

We work side by side with you to align your learning strategy with the business. We form key partnerships to ensure leadership buy-in and support. Business impact is our top priority.

Future of Work

People are the biggest predictor of a company's digital success. We help you respond by developing talent within your employee base through capability development and hire-to-retire strategies.

Neuroscience Informed

Brain science helps build better businesses. We can help you better understand how to build trusted relationships, strengthen brand equity and enable an innovative culture.

AI / Data Science

We use AI (artificial intelligence) and data science to develop actionable insight, such as which learning experiences should be applied, and to discover hidden talent in your organization.

Business Simulations

Learning by doing is a winning strategy. We help you walk a mile in your clients' shoes by creating a competitive setting that simulates key business decisions in a disruptive industry.

Reach out if:

  • You don't know what you don't know and need insight navigating today's digital landscape
  • You feel like your organization is behind and needs to digitally transform to stay competitive
  • You need to improve organizational efforts around attracting and retaining talent
  • You've heard all the buzz of AI but don't know if it's right for you or where to start

  • Case Studies

    Designing and executing a digital transformation strategy

    Rose Rock worked with leaders of a large financial services company on a phased digital transformation journey. A small pilot, aligned to business goals and vision, enabled leadership comfort and buy-in. The initiative grew to a large scale transformation initiative with a “people first” strategy.

    Result Clear understanding of why transformation was necessary and embracing new technologies in the context of work
    Result New investment in technologies, new roles created and new growth mindsets
    Result Public and self-definition as a FinTech company, attracting technology talent

    Elevating learning by connecting it to the business

    Rose Rock observed that while many organizations say they value learning, learning leaders are often unable to show how they're contributing to improving the business. Rose Rock created a framework that aligns learning to the business and communicates its value.

    Result Clear alignment of L&D strategy to business strategy
    Result Recognition of value brought from learning to drive business outcomes
    Result L&D gains seat at the table with business decision makers

    Growing organizational talent via relevant interventions

    Most talent development is agnostic to an organization or moment in time. Rose Rock completely redesigned a high potential talent program to align with strategic areas within the organization.

    Result A hyper focus on developing internal networks through unique experiences
    Result 80% increase in satisfaction from concentrating on a few key topics instead of many
    Result A multi-provider program aligned to organizational objectives

    Deriving practical business insights from neuroscience research

    Rose Rock conceived of a new way to use neuroscience to inform building trusted business relationships. Rose Rock developed a video series with Wharton Neuroscience Initiative director/professor Dr Michael Platt.

    Videos are based on recent brain imaging studies that suggest our brain is wired to be social. To build good relationships, we need to understand how to tap into that "social brain" network to maximize connectivity between individuals.

    Result Most sought after learning content related to business development
    Result Invited talks and published article on the collaboration and video series
    Result Ongoing relationship with Dr Platt/Wharton to create a "Neuroscience of ..." series

    Finding business challenges ripe for learning

    Rose Rock used machine learning (a subset of artificial intelligence [AI]) and data science to analyze employee and client feedback on business challenges. Rose Rock identified significant opportunity to improve negotation training and prioritized development of related programs.

    Result 98% reduction of analysis time to find relevant business issue
    Result Learning solution tied directly to business pain point and bottom line
    Result Millions of dollars in increased revenue through more effective negotiations

    Creating strategic client conversations based on industry disruptors

    Rose Rock pioneered an experiential, social-collaborative and competitive business simulation focused on industry disruptors. This differs from normal business simulations in two ways:

    1) Focus is on strategic client conversations, not just running a business; and
    2) Teams comprise different company profiles to realistically represent the current marketplace, as opposed to all companies with the same profile

    Result Participants rated program among the highest of 50+ similar learning offerings
    Result Creation of 7 unique business simulations by industry
    Result Nearly 1,000 participants in a single year

    Who we've worked with


    Apollo Education Group


    JPMorgan Chase

    Johnson & Johnson



    S&P Global

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Columbia University

    Temple University

    University of Michigan

    University of Pennsylvania

    United Nations


    Head of Business Development

    Professional services firm

    "I never saw the value of learning until I worked with Rose Rock. They were able to show how their work would complement our business strategy. They earned a seat at the table."

    Chief Learning Officer

    Financial services company

    "Rose Rock has the unique blend of business, learning and technology insight that gives us a holistic view of how to best execute on our strategy."

    Global HR and Talent Leader

    Publishing company

    "Rose Rock is able to lead clients and sponsors through collaboration, patience and a good, strong business case. I learned so much!"

    Head of Data Science

    Multinational technology company

    "Rose Rock is easy to partner with! Their passion for talent and learning rubs off on everyone and the team always ends up achieving very significant results."

    Director of Learning Strategy

    Regional consulting firm

    "Rose Rock exists in a constant state of innovation. Their contagious energy inspires those around them to look toward the future, while giving others a safe environment to connect in a space where they can thrive."

    Chief Information Officer

    Mid-market company

    "Rose Rock understands the people side of things and how our technology strategy should be aligned to growing our people."

    Our Team

    Nabeel Ahmad

    Dr Nabeel Ahmad


    nabeel@roserock.io |

    Nabeel Ahmad is a learning disruptor who sits at the intersection of business, technology and education. He’s spent the past 15+ years leading learning teams and building products that address the needs of the business in an impactful and relevant way. Nabeel has also taught graduate school courses for nearly 10 years at Columbia University and New York University (NYU).


  • Doctorate: Columbia University (Educational Technology)
  • Masters: Carnegie Mellon University (Computer Science)
  • Bachelors: University of Oklahoma (Business)
  • Donna Murdoch

    Dr Donna Murdoch


    donna@roserock.io |

    Donna is a global learning and talent development leader with 15+ years of experience driving innovative programs that support complex business transformation, change, and capacity building programs with impact. In the workplace and in academia, Donna leads the design and execution of strategies that develop a culture of continuous learning, always with a "people first" focus. Donna teaches graduate level courses at Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.


  • Doctorate: Columbia University (Adult Learning & Leadership)
  • Masters: Columbia University (Educational Technology)
  • Bachelors: Villanova University (Media & Technology, Philosophy)
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