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Rose Rock Dynamics helps organizations transform their people to drive business impact. It’s like having a personal stylist for all of your human capital needs.

Services we offer

Human Capital

We help you see around the corner and design for the next big thing. We work with you to determine which people strategies make most sense to pursue and help you navigate change.

Change & Transformation

We bring insight to change management initiatives like cultural transformation by enabling leaders to see what their people are thinking and how to bring out the best in everyone.

People Analytics

Evidence-based, data-informed decisions are a winning formula over emotion and guesswork. We look at factors that predict job performance, high potentials, attrition, best fit and more.

Learning Strategy

We work side by side with you to align your learning strategy with the business. We form key partnerships to ensure leadership buy-in and support. Business impact is our top priority.


Anything new or different that creates value is innovation. We foster organizational adaptability by employing an agile mindset to help your team be flexible and responsive to change.

Talent Development

Developing leaders at all levels in the digital age is critical for organizations to thrive today. We integrate non-conventional approaches with battle-tested methods to maximize impact and induce behavior change.

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Case Studies

Designing and executing an HR digital transformation strategy

Rose Rock worked with leaders of a large financial services company on a phased HR digital transformation journey. A small pilot, aligned to business goals and vision, enabled leadership comfort and buy-in. The initiative grew to a large scale HR transformation initiative with a people-centric strategy.

Result 35% higher likelihood of accepted offers for technology talent
Result New investment in HR technologies, new roles created and new growth mindsets
Result Clear understanding of why transformation was necessary and embracing new HR technologies in the context of work

Successful change starts on the inside and works its way out

So many culture transformation initiatives fail due to lack of insight on where to focus energy. Rose Rock leverages AI-based change management with organizational network analysis, enabling leaders to visualize where change matters most to them and act on it.

Result 60% reduction in time to action with average of 45 days
Result Clear connection between day-to-day work and behaviors to culture strategy
Result Identification of change agents in organization to further culture transformation

Linking evidence-based decisions to business performance

Using data to inform decisions, especially around people, is a more effective strategy than a gut feeling. Rose Rock uncovers factors that contribute to high performance so leaders can integrate those successful characteristics across their talent portfolio.

Result 60% improvement in individual performance
Result 20% increase in business efficiency
Result 40% decrease in attrition

Effective digital learning through sound learning practices

With an increased focus on digital and remote learning, organizations are looking to scale learning efficacy while maintaining the same level of impact as traditional learning methods. Rose Rock uses only sound educational practices coupled with effective learning technology to drive behavior change.

Result 40% NPS increase for digital learning content
Result 55% increase of completed digital learning
Result Clear link of value brought from learning to drive business outcomes

Design thinking for empathetic problem solving

Walk a mile in your user's shoes by talking to them and working iteratively to come up with solutions. Rose Rock performed innovation audits inside an HR organization to uncover moments of need that translated into more desirable outcomes.

Result 50% increase in satisfaction of HR services
Result 80% faster identification of key HR bottlenecks
Result An innovation mindset across the HR organization

Developing leaders for the digital age

Most talent development is agnostic to an organization or moment in time. Rose Rock completely redesigned a high potential talent program to align with strategic areas within the organization and the skills they need to be successful in the digital age.

Result 80% increase in satisfaction from concentrating heavily on soft skills
Result Experiential learning interventions to improve likelihood of behavior change
Result Increased empathy and organizational adaptability by focusing on a growth mindset

Who we've worked with


Apollo Education Group

Columbia University


Johnson & Johnson

JPMorgan Chase



S&P Global

Head of Business Development

Professional services firm

"I never saw the value of learning until I worked with Rose Rock. They were able to show how their work would complement our business strategy. They earned a seat at the table."

Chief Learning Officer

Financial services company

"Rose Rock has the unique blend of business, learning and technology insight that gives us a holistic view of how to best execute on our strategy."

Global HR and Talent Leader

Publishing company

"Rose Rock is able to lead clients and sponsors through collaboration, patience and a good, strong business case. I learned so much!"

Head of Data Science

Multinational technology company

"Rose Rock is easy to partner with! Their passion for talent and learning rubs off on everyone and the team always ends up achieving very significant results."

Director of Learning Strategy

Regional consulting firm

"Rose Rock exists in a constant state of innovation. Their contagious energy inspires those around them to look toward the future, while giving others a safe environment to connect in a space where they can thrive."

Chief Information Officer

Mid-market company

"Rose Rock understands the people side of things and how our technology strategy should be aligned to growing our people."

Who We Are

Nabeel Ahmad

Nabeel Ahmad


nabeel@roserock.io |

Nabeel Ahmad works with organizations and leaders at the intersection of business, technology and human capital to overcome business challenges. He’s spent the past 15+ years leading human capital functions and building solutions that address the needs of the business in an impactful and relevant way.

Experience and Expertise:

  • Human Capital Management faculty at Columbia & NYU (10 years)
  • Learning & development
  • Technology-enabled change
  • People analytics
  • Leadership development
  • Learning strategy & innovation
  • Talent management
  • Education:

  • Doctorate: Columbia University (Educational Technology)
  • Masters: Carnegie Mellon University (Computer Science)
  • Bachelors: University of Oklahoma (Business)

  • Our global team spans 50+ human capital, technology and business leaders, enabling Rose Rock to bring our clients multiple perspectives and solutions to address their needs.

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